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Investing is a risk oriented endeavour, that is why we have taken a giant innovative step to reduce the level of risk that an investor will deal with, especially for the fact that we aim at aiding beginner investor to invest conveniently and confidently. U.S. dollars in your Ibis Topco Account are eligible for FDIC insurance, subject to applicable limitations. U.S. dollar deposits in your Fiat Account held in one or more Omnibus Accounts at one or more Banks located in the United States are held with the intention that they be eligible for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) “pass-through” deposit insurance, subject to the Standard Maximum Deposit Insurance Amount per FDIC regulations (currently $250,000 per eligible Ibis Topco Customer) and other applicable limitations. Our policy is to comply, in good faith, with the regulations and other requirements of the FDIC for pass-through deposit insurance, including those contained in 12 C.F.R. § 330.

Please note: Non U.S. dollar deposits held at any Bank, as well as U.S dollar deposits held at Banks located outside of the United States, may not be subject to or eligible for FDIC deposit insurance.

Certain circumstances may require us to transfer fiat currency between two or more of our Omnibus Accounts or terminate our relationship with one of our Banks. Movements of fiat currency between Omnibus Accounts are recorded in detail and will not affect the available balance in the Fiat Account of your Ibis Topco Account or jeopardize the availability of FDIC insurance, subject to applicable limitations.

Notice for U.K. Users: If your U.S. dollar deposits are held in an Omnibus Account at a Bank located in the United States, you are not entitled to lodge a complaint with the UK Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”) with respect to these U.S. dollar deposits, however, you may be entitled to lodge a complaint with the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”).

Ibis Topco offers a $1 Million Consumer Protection insurance policy that covers consumers on the transactional side from any internal cases of fraud or theft.

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